Patented New Credit Repair Software Quickly And Easily Fixes Bad Credit Scores

Credit Bureaus are furious over this new New Credit Repair software


  • Software was designed by a 29-year veteran of the credit industry
  • Claims disgruntled employee of the big three credit bureaus inspired him
  • The only system capable of legally bypassing the credit bureau’s automated process for settling disputes
  • Program increases your chances of a successful dispute by 30% to 40%
  • Guaranteed to improve your credit Score faster and cheaper than any other credit repair system available or your money back


Whether we like it or not, good credit makes life easier.

Bad credit means being stuck with the highest monthly payments on your credit cards and loans. It’s misery.

Having less purchasing power and less opportunities to improve your life is a punishment by a broken system.

If you think about it, this broken and out-dated credit system literally prices you out of life’s biggest opportunities.

Good credit means lower payments, more purchasing power and ultimately more opportunities to better your situation.

We live in a credit/debt economy. It benefits you to have excellent credit, so you don’t get shut out. Let’s see how we can fix your credit for cheap.

Avoid this credit repair trap and save thousands of dollars

First, understand that most people think they need to hire a credit repair agency or a lawyer to fix credit.

This is not true.

In fact, these services can be worse than a middle man. Here’s why.

Credit Repair Should Take Weeks, Not Years!

These Credit Repair firms purposely charge you month-to-month and unnecessarily drag out your credit repair process so they can make the most money from you. 

These credit repair programs are hyped up, overpriced and are purposely designed to make you think they are working hard for you, but in reality they are squeezing monthly payments out of you.

This will cost you thousands of dollars over years.

It should be considered fraud. 

The Credit Repair Industry hides The Truth From You






There’s a multi-billion dollar industry built around taking a simple idea and making it complicated.

Which is repairing credit reports. 

The middlemen, like credit repair legal firms, do not want you knowing how easy it is to actually remove negative marks from your report.

[Removing the bad stuff fixes your credit score, which gives you power to purchase things at reasonable prices.]

A bad score make buying goods and services on credit much more expensive.

The credit bureaus themselves, have a vested interested in selling you gimmicks to improve or monitor your credit, while selling your data to third parties, behind your back.

Doesn’t that just make you mad?

What’s worse, the credit repair firms, which are usually lawyers, claim to be on your side but they are not.

They have a secret they don’t want you to know about.

They know that if they can sucker you into their program, then they can keep you on month-to-month payments for up to 4 years, maximizing the number of dollars they can squeeze out of you.

Again, it’s a predatory industry so you’re better off doing the work yourself.

Don’t worry. It’s easier than you think.

You might think repairing your own credit is complicated, tedious, and requires an expensive credit repair agency (like the attorney’s I mention above) to get the job done.

But that’s not true.

You’ve probably heard of Do-It-Yourself credit repair programs too.

And they do work, but none of them (except one) can deal with one of the major obstacles that credit bureaus throw at you.

You see, the Credit Bureau’s use an automated system called E-Oscar to automate credit disputes.

Knowing about this computer system is is critical if you want to improve your score.

You Can Start Fixing Your Bad Credit For Less Than One Hundred Dollars

Back in 2002, Bruce Hurley, a 29-year credit repair veteran, realized a huge opportunity after overhearing some advice from a disgruntled credit bureau insider who lost his job to E-oscar.

You see, the major credit Bureau’s used to manually handle credit disputes. It was slow and expensive but more honest.

In other words, credit disputes were once handled by human beings. Not anymore. 

The nasty credit bureau corporations, found that they could save money using an automated system. So they fired their employees and replaced them with E-Oscar.

And here’s the unfortunate part.

The system AUTOMATICALLY flags, delays and rejects credit disputes today, more than ever before. 

The Insider Tip That Became The Big Game Changer

Bruce’s insider tip was information that explained how to submit a dispute that confuses E-Oscar and triggers a manual review by a human. 

You see human interaction increases your chances of a credit dispute going in your favor by up to 40%. 

So Bruce took the advice and ran with it. And guess what? It worked.

“It was so easy, anyone could use it,” claims Hurley.

“By using my new credit repair system you had better odds of fixing your credit faster and cheaper than any other product on the market. It was amazing.”

Bruce eventually ended up selling his credit repair business and reinvesting the profits into an even bigger idea.

He took the idea that worked so well for him, for so many years, and patented it.

He then launched a product called Credit Repair Magic, which is an automated credit repair system that anyone can use to fix their bad credit.

Credit Repair Magic is an online portal where you can quickly and easily do everything yourself to fix your credit in a step-by-step manner.

And to this day it’s still guaranteed to outperform the lawyers and credit repair agencies or your money back.

Also, since it’s trademarked and patented technology, the competition cannot use it against you, to price gouge you.

Not only will Credit Repair Magic fix your credit faster than any other credit repair system at any price. . . It’s guaranteed or 100% of your money back!

Bruce Hurley truly wants to help you repair your credit so when you work with him you get all of this:

  • The fastest, most effective method for restoring credit
  • Seven Shortcuts to Success Program – Essential reading if you’re trying to qualify for a mortgage or car loan
  • Automated Dispute Tracker System – This is a computer-generated, personalized process that keeps you on track throughout the process, even sending you reminder e-mails, so that you will always know exactly what to do at all times.
  • “Solving the Credit Puzzle” – If you want to be a master of credit improvement, this is your bible.
  • You get audio and video multi-media training materials – you can just point and click to repair your credit using their unique system, but they also have both audio and video content in addition to the award-winning written content.
  • Money Back Guarantee – Purchase the program and take a full 60 days to review it. If it’s not everything we said—and more—we’ll refund 100% of your money—no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.

Bruce Hurley gives you a lot of bang for the buck so we recommend clicking here to learn more about Credit Repair Magic


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