As FED Fails To Tame Unruly Dollar, Could A Massive Meltdown Be On The Horizon?


It’s painfully clear now, that the Coronavirus (COVD-19) has killed a fragile and tired American Economy. Most Americans sitting at home, waiting to go back to work, do not realize this yet.

The Federal Reserve Is Failing To Revive A Dead Patient

The Federal Reserve has approved infinite quantitative easing, and will use borderline illegal maneuvers to purchase just about everything imaginable in the financial markets.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government has decided on a two-trillion dollar tax payer funded spending bill, filled with corporate bailouts and pork belly projects.

The US Treasury says it will take approximately three weeks for the funds to reach Americans.

Here’s to hoping it trickles down to the real economy soon enough to help the people who need it most.

Is $2 Trillion Enough To Sustain America Long Enough To Beat The Coronavirus?

Congress is either underestimating the size of the human and economic toll that may soon be upon us or they are throwing the American people a life preserver with a huge tear in the rope, knowing full well the rope is going to snap when they need to reel us in (really save us).

When you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.

Sure, it might seem like a valiant effort on Congresses part to save the day, but to those of us who are paying attention, we know the rope is going to snap.

At some point, many of us are going to have to face reality.

Assuming the Government will save us all, comes with real consequences. Do not make this assumption and start thinking what could happen to you and your family, when government paychecks run out.

We Must Start Thinking ‘What If’ RIGHT Now!

What if a government bailout fails to keep our jobs and businesses open? What will that look like for us and our families? Will we need to move?

Should we consider someplace cheaper, with more elbow room, to avoid the coronavirus, which could linger on for years?

What Can We Do To Stay Ahead Of A Potential Great Depression 2?

All the government is doing now, is buying us time with our own money. Most taxpayers will squander this time, hoping for more time and more money. The smarter ones will at least consider their own plan B options.

Whether it’s preserving our future purchasing power with small allocations to gold and bitcoin (you should start today), or thinking up scenarios that can help you and your family survive a severe financial disruption caused by hyperinflation, it’s time to start planning.

Staying ahead of this means keeping our necks above the water. Just like running from a bear, one only needs to be faster than the slowest one in the group. A sad but honest reality.  Your preparedness will put you ahead of the Jones’s which will make your situation less miserable.


The One-Two Punch

The virus has proven to be a global economic shock worse than a World War. There is literally ZERO demand and ZERO supply on a GDP scale, as of this writing.

We’ve Been Unprepared From The Beginning

Despite the Coronavirus being a major shock to the domestic and global economy, the federal Government’s old thirst for debt and its inability to reign in a sleepy Federal Reserve, has proven yet again, how fragile the financial system truly is.

The federal reserve and US Treasury have created a toxic culture of borrow, borrow, borrow while punishing frugal savers with negative yields in their savings accounts.

The FED has created an economic environment that’s now been proven to collapse under pressure. Whether it be a World War or a Coronavirus, the result would likely be the same.

The real idiots are the Federal reserve and out-of-control central banks for quite literally destroying the global economy while slowly turning Hard working Americans into modern day wage-slaves over the last 50 years. This charade will apparently continue moving forward as the virus takes blame for everything.

Unfortunately, massive unemployment and pending high consumer prices has us steering towards another great depression .

With the ability to create infinite dollars on the horizon, plus another 2 trillion dollars in taxpayer funded debt and mounting unemployment numbers, what’s going to happen to the value of the dollar?

In the short term, the demand for dollars outside the USA will keep the dollar very strong as the Federal reserve attempts to satisfy a hungry repo market desperate for scarce dollars.

However, inflationary effects caused by malfunctioning supply chains and a very real Chinese cold war will have us feeling high prices on stuff we love and need, like medicine and household supplies.

Could We See Hyperinflation?

The Financial Economy WAS Nothing But A FRAGILE House of Cards Built on Financial Engineering Gimmicks

As part of a plan to stay ahead of this mess. Consider allocating a few bucks per month towards physical gold (currently unavailable) and bitcoin now.

  • Immediate impacts – High unemployment, high consumer prices (2020-), mass migration away from densely populated areas, like the East and West coasts.
  • Long term impacts (2+ years) – high inflation, low value dollar, high consumer prices, zero economic growth. A return to the old ways.

If you want your money to be worth something in the next 2+ years, then you need to start buying assets that will beat the dollar.

Gold, Bitcoin, Cheap real estate (after the collapse is over) are all going to start outperforming the dollar at some point in the near future.

An immediate solution, although speculative, would be to start buying small amounts of bitcoin on autopilot.

Buy BITCOIN To Get Ahead of The Dollar MELTDOWN

Now is the time to begin accumulating physical gold (currently unavailable) and bitcoin. Begin securing your purchasing power now BEFORE we move into hyperinflation or it will be too late.

The time to act is now!

They want to ban cash & bring out “Fedcoin” so they can monitor (and prevent if they wish) all your transactions, instantly freeze all your assets, institute negative rates and other taxes at will, do bank bail-ins, and sell your information to advertisers. We need to fight this. – Rudy Havenstein

The economy is broken and the recovery will likely be very slow (5+ years) and painful. Just like 9/11, the policies approved and enacted today will be with us moving forward.

Consider risking no more than 10-25% of your portfolio in a speculative cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Do You Take Your Chances On A Bitcoin Today Or Take Your Chances On A  Hyperinflated Digital Dollar, Tomorrow?

The future is going to be 100% digital wallets on your phone. The United States will phase out paper money as it is too unruly to manipulate.

Don’t forget, the biggest ponzi scheme ever constructed (our financial economy) has just absorbed more power, using the coronavirus as its scapegoat.

Life is about to get harder!

Why Bitcoin And Not Just Gold?

Buy Gold if you can find it. As of this writing, physical gold is very hard to purchase due to high demand, which is why we are recommending Bitcoin at this moment. It’s not going  away.

Plus, Bitcoin is easier to carry around than gold.  Transactions will be easier to make than physical gold too.

It’s common sense that we’ll pay for things with a digital currency on our phones.

It’s Not A Matter Of If, It’s A Matter Of When

Bitcoin was created for this EXACT life changing event!

Do Not Wait! Now is the time to prepare. Not a day, not a week, not a month from now.

Either start preparing your money now or expect to pay 20.00 for a  gallon of milk someday in the near future.


Start planning what if scenarios with your friends and family and consider preserving your future wealth and purchasing power now by allocating a small portion of gold or bitcoin.

Visit Coinbase and open up an account if you haven’t done so already. You don’t need to buy a full bitcoin and you can setup recurring payments so you can continue to grow your bitcoin as the situation gets worse.

This is not investment advice. Do your own due diligence and draw your own conclusions.

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